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Why work with us? Because we LOVE what we do. This website is our dream and passion not just a hobby, it’s a business. We aim our travel experiences to all audiences with a emphasise on the over 40 crowd. We love creating travel videos, guides, photographs and vlogs to inspire and entertain. If you’re looking to engage with inspiring audience of travel lovers with fun and sometimes silly content, we’d love to hear from you!

We cover all aspects of traveling including transportation, food, resources, accommodations and everything in between. We are experienced marketers and influencers that will work with your product brand to bring fresh upbeat mutual beneficial results.

Travelers want to see products reviewed by real life down to earth people. Not just some ad that has been promoted by money. As a traveler I know that I will first seek out information from another traveler rather than a commercial.

Here at Travel Love Kai we love to share our experiences of unique properties some luxury, some budget and everything in between. We would love the opportunity to work one on one in a full working relationship with you. We approach all of working relationships with only the up most professionalism we are both businesses and we both are providing a service for each other. We are a business like you and ensuring that there is a return on investment is critical for both parties. We would love to experience your services or products to promote, review, share and guide our readers with honest open experiences on all our social media, blogs and vlogs.  

While we are still growing that gives us the opportunity to give real attention to your needs and focus a ton of energy on you.
If you’d like to work with us we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at