Cosala Magico

Just a few hours out of Mazatlan by bus tucked up to the Sierra Madres Occidental lays the colonial town of Cosala magico. Cosala was integrated into the magical towns of Mexico in 2005. This is a small rural community of just around seven thousand people and is filled with many legends and history. Two of my dear friends and I decided to take the ATMazatlan bus it is the only bus that travels directly to Cosala with just a few quick stops. My cost was 150 pesos each way, so pretty cheap. The bus is a little run down but has air conditioning and fairly comfortable seats. The three and half hour bus ride is up into the Sierra Madres. About an hour out of Cosala the roads become very curvaceous. It was a fun ride, I was sort of like being on a swing but going from side to side. 

Traveling alone, why I do it?

Hola everyone as some of you know by now Jeff my boyfriend spends a good deal of time in Alaska working. It sadly is a necessity still at this point in our lives. I am extremely grateful for all his hard work and his dedication to our life. However, this leaves me to live and travel alone quite frequently. Yes sometimes I travel with a friend or two but the majority of the time it’s just me. I’m going to share with you the good, the bad and …. Of traveling alone in countries that many still view as the third world. I do not always agree with this term analogy but to each their own. My viewpoint is that it’s just a different world compared to some of the other countries like say, The United States of America or Europe.

Vinata Los Osuna

Hola friends come join me on a tour of a small Agave distillery in the countryside of Sinaloa called Vinata Los Osuna. The narrow twisting old dirt road leading to the distillery is a little on the rough side. The amazing scenes of fields and fields of blue agave plants ranging in sizes are so cool to look at, I hardly notice the road. This was actually a easy quick 45 minute trip up from Mazatlan to the distillery just outside of La Noria.