Getting to Toluca the Joys of travel

Any well-seasoned traveler will tell you S^%$ Happens. The day before I was leaving for Toluca I was excited, Yeah a new place I’ve never been and I even get to check out Mexico City for a couple days. Exciting right? Everything packed double check all the bookings yep everything looks good. One of the best parts, I’m house-sitting for the first 10 days so no hotel or hostel and I get to hang out with a cool dog in a nice house what could be better?

Traveling alone, why I do it?

Hola everyone as some of you know by now Jeff my boyfriend spends a good deal of time in Alaska working. It sadly is a necessity still at this point in our lives. I am extremely grateful for all his hard work and his dedication to our life. However, this leaves me to live and travel alone quite frequently. Yes sometimes I travel with a friend or two but the majority of the time it’s just me. I’m going to share with you the good, the bad and …. Of traveling alone in countries that many still view as the third world. I do not always agree with this term analogy but to each their own. My viewpoint is that it’s just a different world compared to some of the other countries like say, The United States of America or Europe.

Planning a trip to Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico or anywhere for that matter can be an exciting prospect. But not always an easy one. It can become a daunting task without having a strategy. Without proper planning, the amazing trip you can’t wait to take can become a nightmare. Some of the tips I use are to avoid these mishaps. Just remember no trip is always perfect. Go into the adventure with an open mind and open spirit and it’s more likely you’ll enjoy the trip. Even when you use a travel agent mishaps can happen.