Traveling is always fun… Not necessarily many times we all over pack or are just not updated with the proper knowledge of what we’ll need to have or not have with us. I found it’s so important to research each place we go to even if it’s just the next town over. Many different pueblo’s, towns, villages, cities….. all have their own climates or necessities you might need. Please always research the next area you intend to visit below I have put a quick list of things I always need and ideas.

Seriously most of us over pack. First steps I take is to take into consideration of how long will I be visiting a place, For most who are just taking a vacation it’s typically 7-10 day’s. While I travel all the time I’m still careful to not accumulate to many things. I can keep most of the belongings in one back pack. Yes we have a base that we stay in when were not traveling but even there I keep things minimal especially because we like to change base camp so to speak frequently. So what’s my tips on packing you’re thinking? Trust me having too much is honestly just too much it makes traveling difficult and more complicated keep it simple. Because we travel mostly in warmer places I’ll be giving you my opinion for this climate of what I bring with me. Keep in mind Jeff and I are budget travels we prefer to spend less on the travel portion and accommodations in order to allow for more expenses like good eats and maybe a tour idea’s like zip lining!

  1. Pack everything you think you’ll need in a big suitcase.
  2. Now cut that in half. Come on we all know your never going to wear it all.
  3. Get the smaller suit case out lay out the half you kept as essentials. Be honest with your self do really think you’ll need them? If the answer is yes then by all means put it in the smaller suit case or backpack.
  4. Be sure to write a quick list of absolute necessities you need.
  5. Check off your list so you don’t need to check it all again.
  6. Keep in mind it takes just a little time to wash your underroos & shirts out in the sink and let them hang to dry over night. Or if this is not something you are up for try using the local laudaria there very inexpensive when you can find them if you can’t try asking around.
  7. Always leave some extra empty space for that little trinket you just can’t live with out.

Here’s an example of a check off list 

Passport, ID, Jeans one good pair, Shorts one or two good pair, Two t-shirts, Two tank tops, 3 pairs of underwear, 1 super comfortable bra (for us ladies this is important), One light weight waterproof/windproof jacket, One hat, One hoodie or sweat shirt, One swim suit, Charging cables for phone, laptop, camera etc…, One multi plug extension cord, One nice shirt, One summer dress, Medications, Small zip close clear bag with travel size toothpaste, brush ect.., Ear bud’s, One towel, Travel size wet wipes.

This is really all you should need. I’m sure there might be other things you may feel are essentials but you kind of get the idea of where I’m going with all this right? When in doubt take it out, honestly I don’t pack smaller items I can usually pick up once I arrive they just take up room and can cause problems when going through airport security. We typically try to not have to check any bags when going for shorter 2-3 week trip’s. Not only is it expensive but it’s complicated and causes more stuff to carry with us. We’re there to have fun and enjoy the area not carry around the entire closet and some of the house with us.

Some of you might ask why I suggest a towel and wet wipes?? Well one thing I’ve learned is that many places throughout Mexico and Central America simply don’t have toilet paper. I know kind of crazy but it’s true also in bus terminals and such they charge you for a little portion of toilet paper it’s usually only 5-6 pieces so having wet wipes can be quiet handy. Also its nice to use them just to freshen your self up while you’re traveling so many of the places we travel can become hot and finding a place to just wipe your arms and legs off or wash your hands can be a challenge again freshening up quickly can make the trip so much more plesant. Trust me Jeff and I have been stuck in many of bus terminals wishing we could just get one the  layers of the dirt from the road off of us.

Okay why the multiplug extension cord? Because in many of the hostels and even cheaper hotels there’s never enough plugs to charge what we consider to be essentials. IE: computer, phones, camera, tablets etc… Not to mention the actual wall out let is almost always in an odd or difficult place to use especially in Mexico. Trust me if your going to travel on a budget and stay in these type of accommodations you’ll thank me for this tip.

Towel? Why the towel your asking??? Budget friendly accommodations do not typically give out towels to take to the beach or that great swimming spot you just found out about. You will  in ebitably need the towel. There are actually great quick dry compact style towels on the market today check into them and get one that suits your needs.

Why no travel mug. Well that’s simple there is’nt anywhere to refill it here we usually just buy water, drinks and beer along the way.

Be sure to check this page once in awhile as I will update it with new idea’s and products from time to time.









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