Must try food

Chicken Mole- This is the best of two worlds chicken in a spicy chocolate sauce whats not to like. Be aware this can be pretty spicy sometimes and there are many types of Mole. Be sure your ordering chocolate Mole

Albondiga soup- This is a yummy tomato based meat ball soup.

Tamale- These are masa in corn husks that are steamed. They can be filled with anything and are awesome.

Chilaquiles- This is a very traditional style breakfast here in Mexico. It is strips of corn tortillas drenched in a red or green sauce. My favorite is Chilaquiles Verde!!

Enchiladas- This are corn tortillas filled with meat, seafood or even just cheese then topped with red or green sauce. These are Jeff’s favorite

Taco’s Dorados- These are fried tacos that are drenched in a savory broth good stuff.

Taquitos- These are basically like rolled up tacos dip them in some guacamole you will love them.

Quesadillas- These can be made from corn or flour tortillas typically two of them. They are filled with yummy cheese and meats.

Chili Rellenos- These gems can be pasilla ,nogada or many other types of peppers stuffed with cheeses and dipped in an egg batter, fried and served with red or green sauce.

Tostadas- These fried or baked corn tortillas are topped with just about everything you could think of, there very much like a six inch chip.

Al Pastor- By far my favorite smoked meat here they make delicious tacos spit-roasted pork, marinated with guajillo chiles and achiote the flavor is amazing.

Carne Asada- A marinated then grilled arrachera, sirloin, tenderloin  or rib steak most commonly seared quickly on a grill. Typically served with tortillas and beans. A special treat of flavors.

Pambazos- A large bun sandwich that is dipped in a guajillo chile sauce, then lightly fried and stuffed with chorizo, potatoes, fresh cheese, shredded lettuce and salsa.