Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Whether you are religious or not The Metropolitan Cathedral is a sight to behold. It was built over the top of the Aztec sacred precinct close to the Templo Mayor in the Historic Centro portion of Mexico City. The cathedral was built over two centuries from 1573 to around 1813, which is seen in the combinations of architectural styles. It was planned by a Spanish architect inspired by Gothic cathedrals of Spain, but it definitely has an eclectic feel to it.

Templo Mayor, Mexico City

The temple according to tradition myth is located on the exact spot where to god Huitzilopochtli gave the Mexica people the promised land. The Templo Mayor was a symbolic representation of the Hill of Coatepec where Huitzilopochtli was born emerging from his mother fully grown and ready to fight his sister Coyolxauhqui and her brothers the Centzon who intended to kill their mother and him.

Botanical Gardens and foods of Toluca Mexico

Cosmovitral is a stunning botanical garden set in the heart of Toluca centro historic district. The building takes its name from the murals which are set in the huge windows that surround the building and in the ceiling. It’s located where there was once the headquarters of the long time September 16 market. Until the authorities of the State of Mexico government decided to revamp the property into a botanical garden. Using all the windows by filling them with unbelievably beautiful stain glass. The nouveau style architectural design of the museum is clean making it easy to get around in this garden in the city.