14 Health travel tips

There is nothing worse than finally getting to leave on that all desired vacation or travel destination and ending up sick. There are many different illnesses that can interfere with a great time so I thought I’d share some quick tips and a few ways to avoid them.

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Gastrointestinal infections are one of the most common illnesses a traveler will encounter. Research shows being proactive is one of the best medications. Be sure to be ingesting enough good probiotics these can help to ward off illnesses and keep your digestive system functioning well. Always clean your hands thoroughly before you eat and avoid unclean restaurants.

There is a medication that many of us who live in Mexico take every 3 months to help prevent any infections called Vermox generic name Mebendazole it is available over the counter in Mexico however you will need a prescription for it in other countries. It’s typically used after you’ve already contracted a gastrointestinal infection here they use it as a preventive. I use it and now very rarely end up sick. If you do happen to get ill in Mexico try taking Treda it has saved my bum more than once.

Mosquito-borne illnesses, while Zika has been removed from the CDC there are many other illnesses that can be spread by these little bloodsuckers. I am always sure to bring along a high DEET mosquito repellent with me. Prevention is the best policy.

Antibacterial wipes are your friend keep a stash of these where ever you go. Trust me they’ll come in handy especially when you in promptly stop at a new food stand and there’s nowhere to wash your hands properly.


Vaccinations, ALWAYS check with the CDC what vaccinations are needed before visiting any country. Then make an appointment with your doctor to update any that are needed, in fact, many countries will not allow you to travel them without verification of receiving them.

Emergency medical kit, this is in my book a must-have. Keep a small emergency medical kit filled with bandages, antibacterial cream, aspirin and such. You can either put together a few items in a sandwich bag or buy a small one. Regardless it’s a good idea and much better than bleeding all over the place or having a headache that ruins your day.

Nasal spray a good moisturizing nasal spray while traveling will keep your passages in their best working order. The moisture content on a plane is much lower than the normal content we are used to. When your passages dry out too much they have a much more difficult time trapping and dispersing of airborne infections.

Hydrate when traveling the one things many of us forget to do is to hydrate. Especially if you’re coming from a cooler environment is easy to forget to drink more water in a hotter climate. The plane trip also as I mentioned above will also dehydrate you as the moisture content is lower. Keep in mind when you sweat that is water from your body. If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated so be sure to always have a fresh bottle of water with you. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Colds these are the worst aren’t they be sure to take your vitamins and eat healthily. Unfortunately, colds can be hard to avoid but being certain you taking enough vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, echinacea and a good probiotic can all assist in keeping you healthy.

Sleep I know this sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, I know from experience that to get a good night’s rest in a new place is not always the easiest thing to do. Being well rested is one of the best ways to avoid getting ill on your vacation. If you don’t seem to be able to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night try meditating right before bed or you can take a natural substance melatonin to help lull you into a nice rest.

neck pillow

Neck pillows, yep I said a neck pillow I know you might look a little silly but if your taking a long flight from point A to point B a neck pillow can seriously relieve you from neck pain. You know the one you get from your head being tilted to one side or having your head bouncing off your chest. Prevent the neck stiffness, headaches and possible should and back pain from using one of these pillows. There are a ton to choose from and many that will support your body best.

Medications, absolutely be sure you have any medications you need on a daily basis. There is nothing worse than trying to get a medication that you need to take every day in a new place, especially if you don’t necessarily speak the language of the awesome place your visiting. Avoid any issues by keeping a backup stash in your carry on or if possible on your person. I usually have a supply in my luggage and one in my backpack.

Sun even on an overcast day you can get sunburned. Invest in a good lightweight sunscreen lotion. Wear a UV protect brimmed hat and cover up when there’s no shade especially if you have a tendency to burn easily. Just keep in mind that it is not healthy for sea/ocean creatures so if your planning to take a swim in the water, wear a long sleeve shirt instead. When your finished swimming slather up on the sunscreen lotion. Be sure to not allow your self to overheat, sunstroke, poisoning, or exhaustion can be very dangerous so take precautions to stay hydrated and seek shaded areas.

Emergency card, keep a list of your medications, immediate contact, and allergies on business card sized paper or folded one up that will easily fit in your wallet. This can save your life if something was to happen to you. Keep it with you at all times, there’s no way of knowing what could happen even if you’re just jotting over to the mini-mart next to your hotel. Even better make a photocopy of your passport and under the bottom of the passport include this information mark it with Emergency information on the front after its folded to fit neatly in your wallet.


Last but not least mentally keeping a good mental attitude a good go with the flow way of thinking will go a long way. When you are stressed out or upset these can lower your immunity so relax, don’t worry and be happy. Enjoy the adventure.

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