Acuario Mazatlan

A day at the aquarium in Mazatlan is a great way to chill out and learn about a variety of species. The Acuario was designed to educate in the principles and protection of nature conservation by teaching others about various species.

Acuario Mazatlan

For over 23 years the aquarium has helped to protect over 6,000 turtle nests and released more than 384,000 young turtles back into the wild. They’ve assisted over 72 pelicans yearly with hook injuries, fractures, and dehydration. Once the pelicans have recovered they are again released into their environment. They also assist with many other and birds giving them medical attention and releasing them.  


For just 115 pesos to enter the aquarium has plenty of entertainment. There are four different exhibition shows available to watch and interact with the animals.  The Sea lion show was amusing with the star sea lion Bony who was born at the aquarium 17 years ago and weighs in at a whopping 650 lbs., Bony’s parents were rescues and also live in the safety of the aquarium. In total there are four Sea Lions living in the aquarium Toby, Ely, Tito, and Bony. The show included Bony doing several fun tricks, kissing audience members and splashing us all.

The bird show is in a shaded outdoor theater under Huanacaxtle trees. Staged in a tropical like setting. Watching and learning about the habitats and behaviors of beautiful birds like parrots, macaws, and cockatoos was entertaining. The audience was able to participate with these magical birds flying into their hand to eat and seeing the birds doing a few tricks was interesting. Most of the birds have been rescued and rehabilitated and are now part of this delightfully fun show.  

There is also an animal hunters show where you will learn about different birds of prey like eagles and hawks, snakes, raccoons etc… Again the audience participation is encouraged the trainers have them landing on heads and gloved hands of the many different volunteers. There was even a very cute fox that jumped from back to back of audience members.

Diver at Acuario

Inside the main building, there is a diving show teaching how divers communicate and interact with marine life. In the center hexagonal tank, you can watch the diver feed nurse sharks and giant surgeon-fish. You will also learn about their feeding habits, behavior, and reproduction.

After we attended the four exhibits we wandered around the small park where we got to see crocodiles up close the park has 6 of them and a variety of other reptiles like iguanas. My favorites were the turtles and frog-fish but the stingrays were pretty cool too. For an extra fee of 500 pesos, you can swim with them, with the sea lions or even with the nurse sharks.

Throughout the park are a variety of botanical garden areas with a vast variety of trees and plants many of them being from all over the world and some that are native to the Sinaloa state. In the back area is an aviary currently showing 13 different species my favorites were the Toucans and the large macaws. The overall goal of the aviary is to learn about the extinction and conservation of the different groups of birds. The Aquarium has even had success in breeding some of them in captivity.

Returning back into the main building we wandered around the exhibits starting at the museum portion which has a variety of Marine mammal bones including a whale and a small section displaying different fishing arts.

Around the corner from the museum, section is 34 saltwater fish tanks where there are a ton of different species to watch. There are another 17 freshwater fish tanks that you can also admire a plethora of species.

Jeff and I both had a great time. I encourage you to take a couple of hours on your next trip to Mazatlan to check out the aquarium. Please note all shows are in Spanish, however, both us were fairly easily able to understand what was being said.

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