Top 5 places to hang in Antigua, Guatemala

I was already super excited to visit “>Antigua because Jeff had already been here several times. He had shared all the fun times he had with me when he was there last. This only made me even more curious and delighted. I was excited to hang out with his brother Mike who has been living in Antigua for over thirteen years.

The whole town seemed dotted with tons of little places to hang out in or grab a bite to eat in Antigua, “>Guatemala. I knew this was going to be a fantastic experience, there’s nothing like having an insider take you around to all the best places. We had such a good time, Mike had a blast  seeing his home town through fresh eyes.  Here are some of my all time favorites Mike took me too, all of them were so fun with their unique vibes and interesting twists. 

IMG_20180912_190917250 (2).jpg


The Exit Inn  

5, 4a Calle Oriente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

This is a small one-room neighborhood bar, but don’t let that fool you. The employees and owner are extremely friendly. Good food at great prices. Here you will feel welcomed and comfortable almost immediately whether your alone or with friends. You have to try the “>bacon wrapped chicken it is to die for. You can even play a rousing round of darts we spent a great deal of time here. It was like a home away from home.

The Londoner

6a Avenida Norte 6, Antigua Guatemala 03-001, Guatemala

An airy fun place filled with touches of the UK. Pictures painted on the walls of the Beatles and the British flag add to the ambiance. They have a vast selection of beers and an open kitchen off to one side. While I didn’t eat here my friend that was with me said the hamburger was fantastic. Our friendly bartender made the experience a fun time.

Porque NO?

2a Avenida Sur y 9 Calle Oriente, Casa 9, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala

This place has some of the best food in Antigua. It’s a little dark but that only adds to the charm of the compact restaurant. The owners creative cooking style is worth squeezing into this quirky place that is filled with funky objects hanging from every possible place.  

Cafe no se

1a Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Love, Love, Love this place. The bar is separated into three spaces, the front is the live music area. The back is a more social spot serving cocktails and through a small refrigerator door is the Mezcal bar. The uniqueness is abounded here and dripping with a sense of history. I immediately felt at home. The live music and mezcal bar areas were by far my favorites. I watched Jake Levinson play a now new friend of mine play here. His music is a funky blues style, Jakes amazingly talented. The mezcal bar is a fun dark lounge with fantastic mezcal and cold brews.

Tap and Barrel  

5a Calle Oriente #12, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

A cute brewery off the beaten path. The citrus Pale Ale is a smooth easy to sip brew with orange and lemon tones. I really enjoyed the industrial feel with hanging Edison lights. Barrel tables and an open area where they brew.  The employees are happy to share their knowledge about brewing and the fantastic selection of available craft brews.


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