Kailua, Ohau Hawaii

Being of Hawaiian descent Hawaii is near and dear to me. I was born at Honolulu general in downtown Honolulu and spent a great portion of life living on Oahu, Kailua to be exact. I typically go home to visit my aunts, uncles, cousins once a year or so. This isn’t going to be one of those go to this hotel or that hotel kind of article but more of what it’s really like to be in Hawaii.

Top Three picks for travel 2018

There are so many places in the world I would love to visit I mean really I want to see it all, but I was thinking the other day what if I could only choose three. What would be my ultimate must travel bucket list for 2018? What places would I want more than any other in the world to get a chance to explore, taste, feel, experience? Below are my personal picks which three countries, three cities and why I chose them.