Amazing Cathedrals and Ruins in Antigua, Guatemala

There are many decrepit buildings in Antigua long ago left in a ruin by earthquakes or just aged beyond repair. It’s one on the incredible charms here, even the streets are from times gone by they fill from sidewalk to sidewalk unevenly popping up and out. This is a town you must pay attention to every step you take or you could easily trip, trust me I know on several occasions I nearly fell on my head. The Antigua Guatemala Cathedral is a special ruin here the wreckage of the earthquakes from 1541 through 1669 and then the disasters one in 1773 left it a beautiful mess.

How to spend a day at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

t’s only six am here in Antigua as I hear my loud alarm fill the room with sound. My head has a slight pound in it from the night before and my body is yelling at me. Why am I up so early after staying out too late? Because today I’m heading to Lake Atitlan with my dear friend Mike. We’ve decided to take a chicken bus to the Panajachel side of Lake Atitlan known best as Pana.

Breakfast at Condesa’s, Antigua Guatemala

The Plaza Mayor in Antigua Guatemala is always buzzing with activity filled with purveyors selling a variety of wares or people just coming to visit with friends. I am sitting in a small but quaint restaurant Cafe Condesa eating a simple breakfast of queso filled croissant and cappuccino. I can’t help but people watch for hours, admiring women wearing the amazingly colorful weaved traditional attire. Their children running throughout the plaza laughing, playing and selling smaller trinkets usually toys of some sort.

Palacio National

The Palacio National is where the Federal Executive Power of Mexico is. It’s off the side of Plaza de la Constitucion in the Historic Centro. Built-in 1522 for Herman Cortes’ private home and was built on top of a portion of the Huey Tlatoani Moctezuma palace making this site apart of the World Heritage since 1982. Eventually, it was taken over by the Viceroys of Spain by the crown. I could feel the energy of presidential here there are guards in suits scattered throughout, standing around keeping a watchful eye. Before you are allowed to enter you have to pass through a metal detector and leave any personal bags in the lockers. You’ll be given a plastic pass on a lancet to wear around your neck.

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Whether you are religious or not The Metropolitan Cathedral is a sight to behold. It was built over the top of the Aztec sacred precinct close to the Templo Mayor in the Historic Centro portion of Mexico City. The cathedral was built over two centuries from 1573 to around 1813, which is seen in the combinations of architectural styles. It was planned by a Spanish architect inspired by Gothic cathedrals of Spain, but it definitely has an eclectic feel to it.