Botanical Gardens and foods of Toluca Mexico

Cosmovitral is a stunning botanical garden set in the heart of Toluca centro historic district. The building takes its name from the murals which are set in the huge windows that surround the building and in the ceiling. It’s located where there was once the headquarters of the long time September 16 market. Until the authorities of the State of Mexico government decided to revamp the property into a botanical garden. Using all the windows by filling them with unbelievably beautiful stain glass. The nouveau style architectural design of the museum is clean making it easy to get around in this garden in the city.

Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores along with a group of sixty other artists created these works of art. They used seventy-five tons of blown glass and twenty-five tons of lead. Combining over twenty-seven different colors. Some of the colors were imported from around the world.  Surrounding the gardens in seventy-one stained glass features. Altogether these add up to about five hundred square meters of stained glass.

The theme of the stained glass windows is to represent the evolution of man in a cosmic cycle. It is meant to start on the east side of the universe going through time the Andromeda nebula. On the left side the showing a darkness of man’s cycle. On the roof is an amazing celestial of the twelve constellations and the milky way. Once you leave the gardens, in the opening exit to the outside is an enormous brightly colored figure of a man who is surrounded by fire. The work of the artists here is absolutely phenomenal.

The gardens consist of four hundred different plant species from many regions in Mexico, Africa, Central America and Asia. Some of my favorites were the birds of paradise and the orchids. Each pathway separates the different regions gracefully starting in a tropical setting. It gently moves into a more desert module with many different species of cactus succulents and Joshua trees. Then into a soft peaceful oriental setting complete with a pond filled with koi swimming. Sprinkled throughout the gardens are variously sized water fountains with the largest taking center of the building.

I could have easily spent an entire day just walking along the paths and sitting on the scattered benches even though the gardens are not really that large. There is a calming air that surrounds you when you enter. The fee to enjoy this beautiful submersion is just ten pesos. There is also a small gift counter as you leave the building should you feel the need to purchase a souvenir of this adventure.

In the courtyard just outside of this dreamy botanical garden are several street vendors serving up many regional foods and beverages. Many of the locals that work in the area frequent the makeshift outdoor restaurants here.

In Toluca the most famous of the regional foods is a spicy sausage known as green chorizo it is made of a variety of things pumpkin seeds, cilantro, peppers, spinach and other ingredients each vendor’s ingredients may vary depending on their closely guarded secret recipe. Often this interesting chorizo is made into tacos or pambazos which is a large bun sandwich that is dipped in a guajillo chile sauce, then lightly fried and stuffed with chorizo, potatoes, fresh cheese, shredded lettuce, and salsa. Toluca is also known for its orange liquor Mosco which is more like a cream of orange.

I had a great time in Toluca its a very interesting colonial town. Next time your in Mexico City definitely take the hour bus ride into Toluca Centro. I really think you’ll enjoy it. Be sure to try the green chorizo and check out the gardens. I’m headed to Mexico City so be sure to check back to join me in this upcoming adventure.

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