Metepec Mexico

Metepec is a small colonial town just out side of Toluca. Is it part of the amazing Pueblo Magico towns of Mexico. Most of what is done here is still in many ways the way it was always done.

The small coblestone streets are filled with small mom and pop stores. With plenty of street side to grab a bite to eat.

Today I headed for a special place that has a plethora of handmade cermaics and artesianal goods.

Inside the plaza are small brightly colored buildings dotted throughout the property. Each building is owned by individuals that create beautiful works of art and household goods.

I had a feeling of being on the yellow brick road here. Each store was filled with their own kind of magic. I could watch many of the artist creating their goods which I absolutely loved.

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of unique items to bring home with me. The prices where amazing I purchased a cute gecko to climb the wall at home and a brightly colored moon to hang in my living room.

There’s a row of food vendors you can visit on your way out too. It was a great time I really enjoyed all the colors and the art.

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