A day at El Velero’s

The first time I wrote about this modest little island Isle de las Piedras (Stone Island) I showed you the less traveled side. Today I’m going to share more about this great getaway but on the more touristy side. There are a ton of activities you can partake in on this side. There’s several restaurants and a couple of small hotels you can visit here. The majority of them are directly on the beach with palapa style area’s to sit, relax, eat and play. Since Jeff is still in Alaska this time I went with a girl friend of mine and another friend’s young daughter.

We decided to go to El Velero the entrance was colorfully inviting and my friend knew a few people here so why not. The menu here has a great selection of fresh kinds of seafood prepared in pretty much any way you might want. The owner Miguel or Micheal as some have come to know him is the “grill master” here. His creative grilling is done on a large half barrel grill. Miguel is especially proud of the house specialty Zarandeado fish. We started with a shrimp ceviche it was delicious and amazingly fresh. Later in the afternoon, we ordered a fish burger to share and some chicken tenders with papas for our young friend. The fish burger was very good and inexpensive at just 80 pesos. I washed mine down with the locally made Pacifico beer. Pacifico is made right here in Mazatlan, in fact, I can see the factory from my house. When you visit this side of the island I highly recommend checking this place out.

Our waiter Sergio was extremely nice and accommodating. He shared lots of information about the island and answered our many questions. He even knew of a man who made custom business cards in Mazatlan, which was great since I’d been trying to find someone for a while now. Sergio actually used to own a restaurant on the island where he made very good sushi. Sadly the place was sold out from under him. He intends to open one again as soon as he can find good property here. It has been a bit of a challenge for him since the island is so small and in order to be successful, it is best to stay close to the beach.

When we first arrived the beach was still calm and mostly empty. This did not last long. Soon it was filled with many, many families all running and playing. There was a vendor walking around with horses and another with a small pony. It was fun to watch all the people, I even watched a few people riding the horses. Lots of visitors rode on the banana boats being pulled by small racing boats or large ski jets. The energy level is without a doubt much higher on this side. People watching is a great time here.

Since we had our friends young pre-teen daughter with us we did a lot of water activities of course. I’m pretty sure this young lady is part fish. To keep her entertained when we weren’t in the beautiful water we played crazy eights and dice games with her. She even came up with one of her own sort of a Pictionary game but with using pesos. Very creative I must say. I found it very unique to hang out with a preteen who wasn’t literally stuck to a phone or electronic gadget. She was having a blast just playing games, swimming and bringing us cute collections of shells she gathered. This is something I noticed a lot here in Mexico, the children are very creative with entertaining themselves. It is so reminiscent of my own childhood you know before computers were even created when you had to sit or stand in the kitchen to talk on a phone, and you only came inside when it was almost dark. 

There are some of the local’s walking around selling their wares. Both myself and my friend are suckers for silver jewelry so we had to be supportive of the locals and buy a couple of things. I bought some beautiful Mexican blue fire opal earrings and a charm. Both items were shaped as turtles may favorite! The combination of my two favorite turtles “Tortuga” and the blue fire opal was irresistible to me. My friend purchased a couple pairs of dangling silver earrings.

We ended our fun-filled day at about 4 pm to head back into Mazatlan. It was such a great time I can’t wait to do it again soon. Next time you’re in Mazatlan you really should take to time to experience the awesomeness of this island. Just taking the water taxi over in itself is worth the trip.

Please share in the comments if you have any ideas or questions.

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  1. What an awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this

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      Thank you so much for reading! I’m very happy you enjoyed it.

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