Reserva Nuestra Senora Mundo Natural Cosala

Reserva Nuestra Senora Mundo Natural Cosala Mexico, this stunningly beautiful Reserve is just twelve km out of Cosala Mexico. Once you get out of the town center the trip up is a bumpy, curving dirt road. Bouncing along with two of my dearest friends we chatted with our new friend Victor. He works at the Museo de Minera e Historia which is in the Plaza of Cosala. We went here after having some difficulties finding information on tours to the Eco Reserve. Victor was happy to assist us he easily got everything planned out and got us transportation for this adventure. Victor works for the tourism of Cosala, Pueblos Magicos Mexico, he guided us through the entire trip. One thing I’ll mention is the personnel working for tourism here aren’t paid they depend solely on tipping.

Once we arrived Victor took our 30 pesos each and got our tickets for entrance. One thing that was very kind of him is he had gotten special permission for our driver to take us to the Mining Museum at the top of the hill. Why was this so kind? It was a big hill super steep, as we drove by some of the others climbing up you could hear them huffing and puffing. So thank you Victor.

We started our tour learning about Heraclio Bernal Zazuela. Heraclio was a bandit leader in the late 1800’s he was well-known for stealing from mines, stagecoaches and the wealthy in the Sinaloa area and parts of Durango. He managed to evade capture repeatedly because of his good relations with the lower class and important people of the region he operated in. It is also believed police and soldiers would sell Bernal, and other bandits, weapons, and ammunition. Basically, he was considered the Robinhood of Sinaloa. Eventually the government got some soldiers into the Mazatlan region to track down Bernal. A ransom of 10,000 pesos was placed on Bernal, and soon after he was set up in an ambush by two of his gang members. Bernal died on January 5, 1888.

Over thirty corrido’s or songs exist placing Bernal in the role of a hero. One of the more popular involves changing of the colors of the horse Bernal is riding on and the features of description, some of the songs eventually made him into a saint of sorts.

Next, we toured the Mine Museo of Historia it was quite cool the period pictures and relics of past mining were very interesting. Victor explained in great detail of how the mine was originally owned by the Jesuit missionaries in 1892 but they decided to leave.

Its first owner was Rosendo de la Madrid, who in 1916 sold it to the Englishman Eduardo Jack, a miner who founded the American Metal Refining Company. In 1940 it was acquired by the American company ASARCO who started the construction of the camps in 1949, the colony for the workers in the lower part of the hill , as well as offices and workshops to the west of an old pantheon, the colony was an advanced and modern construction for its time because it had electricity, drinking water, sports center, playground, basketball court, tennis court and pool. It had a modern hospital, hotel and cinema, there was a spacious elementary school, groceries, billiards, sports court, canteen, bus terminal, etc. most of these facilities are still here and running.

The old properties were acquired by the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, on May 14, 1968, comprising 1,256 hectares of tropical dry forest, which included all the facilities, 5 thousand 128 hectares of tropical deciduous forest, in order to promote research, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the region.

The view from this plaza outside of the Museo where the statue of Heraclio Bernal was is amazingly beautiful. It felt as if you were on top of the world. We could see nearly the entire property and over the top of the trees. We learned that the houses that were still very well maintained here were rented out 3000 peoso a night. This intrigued us we wanted to see what they looked like on the inside. Lucky for us Victor spoke to one of the maintenance people and we got our wish. These are super big inside with three bedrooms each bedroom had several large beds in them. There are nice open living areas and a small kitchen. I could understand the cost at this point. You could easily have six to ten people stay in just this one house comfortably.

There is also a hostel and camping grounds here. Along with a small restaurant. I may seriously consider coming back just to stay here. Surrounded by beauty and completely unplugging for a couple of days sounds incredible to me. Plus there’s so much to do with the swimming pools, the nature walks, tennis courts and the zip lines. I could easily stay a few days.

Next, we walked to the parakeet reserve. It’s not a huge display but the residents inside seemed happy enough. We went directly to see the parrots after this. All of us were sad to see that they were so many inside cages. I was almost angry it hurt my heart to see these grand creatures locked up. I, of course, had to ask Victor what kind of reserve keeps these birds locked up. I soon learned that they don’t stay in there forever. Apparently several times throughout the year the staff here rounds up different groups of them. Once they’re in the cages their given shots, trackers and given medical care if needed.  They are then released back into the wild regaining their freedom. Sadly bird poaching especially the large macaw’s is big business so in order to help conserve these stunningly magnificent birds this has become a necessary evil.


We then started our journey back down the winding trail to the beginning of this adventure. Along the way, we saw so many lovely delightful fauna and forested area. One side of the trail was mostly picturesque mountains and trees. The other side was mostly flowers and some fauna. We were very lucky as it was butterfly season. We wander along watching these wonderful elegant insects fluttering around us. It was so relaxing and peaceful such a delight.

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