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Hola everybody this is a quick post to let you all know I’ve been asked to host on AMAfeed. It will be going live on the 16th of August. Just follow the link below to join in on the fun where visitors will ask me anything they want about travel and writing.

If you’ve never heard of AMAfeed let me introduce you to them.


Who We Are

From all walks of life and nearly every continent on the planet, we came together to build a community of passionate knowledge seekers. We are Tatiana, Tijana, Verushka,Tsani, Maria, Kristina, and a dozen other team members. With a shared mission and a passion for questions, we’re driven to build tools that empower our community to openly share their thoughts and experiences through AMA, the greatest interview format on earth.

Meet Our Team and our furry (and not so furry) sidekicks!

Interviews with CEO Tatiana Bonneau


TechNews Report – Startup Spotlight

The Interview. Reinvented.

What is AMAfeed?

AMAfeed is a platform for knowledge exchange in an Ask Me Anything format. We make it easy for you to present yourself, your story, your expertise, project or a topic you are interested in and engage the audience in participating in a discussion about it.

  • Create new connections
  • Engage your existing following
  • Promote your service, expertise, project

We have over 50 channels dedicated to different topics – from Artists and Authors, Technology, Crypto to Health, Sport and Pets.

Here’s a first glance at my posting on AMA. I’m already receiving great questions and can’t wait to give good feedback to you all tomorrow this Thursday!! Can’t wait to see you there.

Hola I’m TravelloveKai, I travel to Mexico and Central America and write all about my adventures. Ask me anything

Aukai Dunn

I am a lover of travel and writing so what’s better than to combine them both. I mostly travel throughout Mexico and Central America on a budget sometimes solo sometimes with my boyfriend Jeff. I love to share all my adventures, experiences, life and love with my readers. Writing it all in my blog . My stories, guides and reviews are genuine and sometimes a little silly. I am currently working on a Fiction romance novel also based on a small pueblo town young lady whose love for art is a source of conflict with her traditionalist father. I am hoping to have it out next year. Anything you want to know about travel, writing, adventure, when, why or how just ask!!

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