Cosala Magico

Just a few hours out of Mazatlan by bus tucked up to the Sierra Madres Occidental lays the colonial town of Cosala magico. Cosala was integrated into the magical towns of Mexico in 2005. This is a small rural community of just around seven thousand people and is filled with many legends and history. Two of my dear friends and I decided to take the ATMazatlan bus it is the only bus that travels directly to Cosala with just a few quick stops. My cost was 150 pesos each way, so pretty cheap. The bus is a little run down but has air conditioning and fairly comfortable seats. The three and half hour bus ride is up into the Sierra Madres. About an hour out of Cosala the roads become very curvaceous. It was a fun ride, I was sort of like being on a swing but going from side to side. 


Immediately upon arrival, I felt wrapped in a timeless history. The cobblestone streets were filled with seventeenth-century architect. It’s chapels and clay houses, painted in bright colors, seemingly to stand still in time. We found it very simple to get a taxi that took us on a short trip up to the Quinta Minera Hotel where we were staying.

Quinta Minera is a very nicely taken care of colonial style hotel. With two beautiful pools. And plenty of fauna and foliage throughout. For the most part, we all found the attentive service to be nice however when we tried to book various tours it just wasn’t happening. The young lady at the desk was a little rude and basically said there were only a couple of places she suggested. When we asked if she could book the excursions for us she said to get a cab. And that was that. Okay, we’ll figure it out…

We decided to take the first day of our visit to just wander around town and get to know the lay of the land so to speak. Cosala is definitely magical and quiet, it’s very much like being back in time. When I say it’s like going back in time this is no joke they don’t even have a bar here,  we were told there was a small Cantina but it only opened at night and it was MEN only. Yep definitely just went back in time.

If your looking for a bustling nightlife or any nightlife really you may not like Cosala. But if your looking to see, enjoy, unplug and surround your self in a truly historical colonial rural Mexico town this is the place. It has a soft peacefulness to it. Friendly people and genuine environment.

There is a small central plaza, Plaza de Armas with a cozy green space and gazebo. It even had music playing softly from the speakers attached above the surrounding iron gates. Directly across the street is the elegant church of Saint Ursula. According to legend she was a patron saint of the Cosaltecos. Santa Ursula was the maiden of the fifth century, martyred by Attila when she refused to reciprocate. It is a neoclassic building that was built in 1730.

At the opposite side of the plaza across from where most of the food vendors call home is a small Mining and History Museum. It is in an old residential mansion of the eighteenth century. Throughout the museum, you will find antique mining tools and instruments along with some of the mined metals over the centuries. There are also areas dedicated to Sinaloa’s bandits and legends. Make a note if you visit Cosala then this museum will be your go to. If you want to go on any type of tour just stop in here they will set it all up for you. too bad the girl at the front desk of our hotel didn’t share this information with us.  We actually set up our Eco reservation tour here with a fun guide Victor. You’ll get to know him a little better later this week in my next blog.

We found a few restaurants in town and decided we’d tried the El Publito. It was a large three-story restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating. The food was traditional and tasty at reasonable prices. We would of probably really enjoyed ourselves had it not been the height of fly season. The owner of El Publito has a couple of large green parrots one of which was a little boisterous and the other who just hung out in on the railings.

This is a mining town. At one time there were over sixty operational mines. There is now just four running they mine all kinds of minerals including, gold, silver, zinc etc… Many of the residents here still work in these four mines. Others work in tourism, farming, and artisans who are well known for there leather creative skills making amazing saddles, huaraches etc.. They are also artists who are weavers of textiles and fibers who make bags, hammocks and other daily used objects.

The surrounding greenery of Cosala is amazingly stunning, the beauty of the area was something that I absolutely fell in love with. All three of us absolutely adored how quaint the town was. Even if there wasn’t a whole lot to do this time of year. Fortunately, the hotel was comfortable and had a great little outdoor gazebo area where we could play cards in the evenings. I learned to play a game called hand and foot, this is a game that is part rummy part canasta sort of. A new one for me but It was fun and the ladies were awesomely patient with me as I learned. Since there was no bar haha we played cards, drank and had a good time chatting. I would return again just at a better time of the year. We were told late August and September were a good time because that was when the waterfalls were operational. And more tours were available.

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