Botanical Gardens and foods of Toluca Mexico

Cosmovitral is a stunning botanical garden set in the heart of Toluca centro historic district. The building takes its name from the murals which are set in the huge windows that surround the building and in the ceiling. It’s located where there was once the headquarters of the long time September 16 market. Until the authorities of the State of Mexico government decided to revamp the property into a botanical garden. Using all the windows by filling them with unbelievably beautiful stain glass. The nouveau style architectural design of the museum is clean making it easy to get around in this garden in the city.

Getting to Toluca the Joys of travel

Any well-seasoned traveler will tell you S^%$ Happens. The day before I was leaving for Toluca I was excited, Yeah a new place I’ve never been and I even get to check out Mexico City for a couple days. Exciting right? Everything packed double check all the bookings yep everything looks good. One of the best parts, I’m house-sitting for the first 10 days so no hotel or hostel and I get to hang out with a cool dog in a nice house what could be better?

A day at El Velero’s

The first time I wrote about this modest little island Isle de las Piedras (Stone Island) I showed you the less traveled side. Today I’m going to share more about this great getaway but on the more touristy side. There are a ton of activities you can partake in on this side. There several restaurants and a couple of small hotels you can visit here. The majority of them are directly on the beach with palapa style area’s to sit, relax, eat and play. Since Jeff is still in Alaska this time I went with a dear friend of mine and another friend’s young daughter.