Mexico round one…

The plan

Colima Mexico what? Where’s that? Okay so before my first trip to Mexico I, of course, knew all the normal tourist area’s. I just had never been to them yet. In my mind’s eye I’m thinking Cancun, Cabo San Lucas , maybe Tijuana you know the regulars. I was planning my first trip with my new boyfriend. You all know him, Jeff, not so new anymore but still and always will be the love of my life. At the time we both worked in Unalaska Alaska at the Alyeska Seafood plant.

Our first stop

I had taken a position as a tally. In that department I made a dear friend Alex. He was trying to help me learn some Spanish. When he realized I was planning a trip to Mexico he shared with me that his family had a rental home there. He showed me some pictures and they were nice, pretty even. The price was right and it was in Mexico so okay why not. Thanks, Alex. He said it was in Colima or well a little outside of it. Closer to Michocan Honestly, I don’t remember what the name of the actual town was. It was extremely small like one road town but it was pretty cool. We had a good time there. There was access to the ocean with in a quick walk across the street. The beach was really rocky but it was just us. We ended up staying for about a week.

The bug

Then Jeff and I got the bug you know the travel more bug. So we decided to move on. One of the closer towns was Colima City. We did a little research and got on a bus. It was pretty confusing for a minute neither of us knew much about the area. So we winged it. Basically, we walked up to the highway and waited for a bus going the direction we were pretty sure we needed to go. After some bus time and a couple little bumps so to speak and potty breaks for Jeff. Yes Jeff, not me I’m pretty sure he has a bladder the size of a peanut. We finally arrived in Colima.

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We stayed in the historic district of Colima City at a smaller hotel that was very affordable. We booked it while we were on the bus. Thankfully it was nice. We had plenty of time to book it since we ran into a traffic jam of sorts. Cows, steers, and vaquero blocking the road. By the way, the smaller town to town buses cruise along at a good clip so be prepared.

Historic Colima

The historic portion of Colima was super Colonial with great architecture. There are beautiful churches and a very nice central park area. We happened to be there during the Christmas season. Here in Mexico that starts at the beginning of December, Christmas is a huge deal here which I loved since it’s my favorite holiday.

This is not a touristy town, almost no one speaks English. But it made the charm of the area even cooler. Not to mention forced us to use more of our Spanish bad Spanish but Spanish none the less.  Seeing the true Mexico was a real eye-opening experience. There aren’t people selling t-shirts on every corner. There’s no phoniness its just pure real life Mexico.

We enjoyed an authentic pre-Christmas day-to-day life in Mexico. That made it really awesome. There were big outdoor shopping markets set up every evening. Great traditional foods, fun, merchandise and even kiddie rides. Which Jeff wanted to ride on but I thought maybe the locals might think he was local.

We bounced around to a few different hotels but I’d say my favorite was Hotel La Casona de Don Jorge. It was charming, clean and quaint with a great location. Just across from the park we loved to eat breakfast in sometimes.

What started out as a place I’d never heard of or even thought of. Turned out to be one of the best places ever. It is one of the reasons we fell in love with Mexico. I’d definitely go back. Maybe someday when we’re not so busy exploring everything in front of us.

Then again that will probably never happen we both have the bug so we are always planning something new. I can see us still traveling in wheelchairs. With a little help of course.

Something new

Jeff’s Corner

Jeff will be sharing his favorite Song’s and Quote’s. Every Friday will be something new just for you.

This week are a couple of great classic’s enjoy

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (Lyrics) – YouTube

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” Robert Frost


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