Woohoo Fourth of July in Mexico

Yes I’m talking about the United States of America Fourth of July. Not Mexico’s Independence Day. I went with a new friend of mine whom is actually from Canada funny enough. She has several American friends here in Mazatlan so she celebrated also and invited me along.

The Inn

We started at a newer modern place called The Inn at centro historic on Belisario. This is a modern looking establishment with a soft muted color design palette offset with dark woods and glass, restaurant with a large clean lines bar. With fantastic air conditioning. Which let me tell you during July and August in Mazatlan when the average temperature is in the 90’s great air conditioning is a blessing. One of the best things about this cool hang out is they have two for one’s. So if your on a budget this is a no brainier place to head to enjoy a drink with a few friends. I had two glasses of red wine (Vino tinto) which cost me just 80 pesos plus another 25 pesos for a tip (propina) totaling 105 pesos or 5.50 US. Good deal I’d say. The staff here is young and friendly we even learned a few new Spanish words. I will definitely return soon.

Fabuola *food *books *beer

We then headed to Fabula *food *books *beer on Constitución also in Centro. It’s an easy couple of blocks walk from The Inn. The easiest way to describe this establishment is Unique. It’s a super eclectic smaller place with good food and cold beer. Scattered on each table and throughout the many shelves are books, they even use the books to deliver your check in. Very cool I’ve never seen another place like this. It’s a smaller place that holds around 40 people but because of the size the owners and staff service is good. I enjoyed the atmosphere it is casual with a touch of quirkiness.

IMG_20180704_173122121 (1)

Since it was a fourth of July party there was a 250 peso cost for a ticket to join that needed to be purchased before hand. This included one drink of your choice and food which you could choose either a hamburger or hot dog and a parfait of cake, whip cream and strawberries. Each table had these cute containers with two small American flags and in the middle of them a firework. They had a fun trivia Fourth of July game that we had to figure out by a written verse what the name of the song was. Which ever group of people figured out the most of the songs won a free round of shots. The shots were kind of like a miniature blue Hawaiian fairly tasty I know this because our group won woohoo. The crazy part of this scenario is that the majority of the customers attending this event were 60 something and up except me. Many of the songs were vintage but the newer ones were the ones I knew so that put us over the top.

This was a really entertaining amusing group of people to hang out with. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty down to earth and outspoken but compared to most that I met here I was shy LOL. Honestly there must be a freedom of sorts that comes with age that allows you to be so outspoken and have a  basic I don’t give a shit attitude. I loved it and I loved them. I had more fun with them than I’d had in a long time. I not once felt I needed to filter myself and believe me none of them did either. Good times, good times…

There was live music and after a few drinks and eats quiet a few of us were dancing and laughing it up. There is a small portion between the front of the restaurant and the bar where they set up an entertainment section with a modest sized dance floor. After burning off a few of the calories we all just consumed we lit the fireworks. It was exciting to see everyone’s faces as they sparkled. So glad my friend invited me to come. I would have never thought of a fourth of July party in Mazatlan Centro Mexico.



If you’re ever in Mazatlan this is one of those place you have to come see to believe. Be sure to enjoy a good meal and you can even take a book if you so desire or drop off ones your finished with.


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