Planning a trip to Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico or anywhere for that matter can be an exciting prospect. But not always an easy one. It can become a daunting task without having a strategy. Without proper planning, the amazing trip you can’t wait to take can become a nightmare. Some of the tips I use are to avoid these mishaps. Just remember no trip is always perfect. Go into the adventure with an open mind and open spirit and it’s more likely you’ll enjoy the trip. Even when you use a travel agent mishaps can happen.

Meeting new people in a strange land

Okay, so lots of my friends always say how lucky I am to be in a new country. How exciting it must be so on and so forth. The truth is that it is but it can have it’s own difficulties and challenges, one of which is meeting new friends. When we were staying in hostels and hotels meeting other travelers was a breeze. There was always someone new around and hanging out with locals was easy. Especially since typically locals owned where you were staying.