Puerto Vallarta Day!!

Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the Jalisco state it has a fairly large population of around 200,000+ people. When most of us think of Puerto Vallarta we think of warm golden beaches. We think of high energy crazy fun nightlife, usually with a lot of tequila. There is actually a lot more things to here. There are national parks, water sports, cruises and much much more.


Welcome to the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta

While Puerto Vallarta is all of these things today were not doing any of them we are going to take a walk down the Malecon. Where the smells of the ocean air and the small food vendors fill the air. I can hear music playing all around from the many bars, restaurants and stores lined up and down the beach side promenade. All of these things heightening my senses energizing me to make my way further down. The Malacon is around 12-13 blocks long approximately 1 mile long. So be prepared for a little bit of a walk and it’s pretty warm and humid so dress accordingly.

PVR sand2


Along the way there are some super cool sand sculptors many of which were being constructed as I walked by and watched in marvel. As well as some interesting artist that create stone sculpturing of sorts. There fun to watch as their art work comes to life. These artist typically have a small box or jar asking for small donations of appreciation.


Walking a little further down I see many amazing sculptures some that seem to nearly come to life. The art scene is alive here with everything from traditional dancers, sea life and so much more. At many of these sculptures I just stood there for what seemed like along time to soak in the pure beauty of the creation of them.

PVR rest


I stopped just about at the end of the malecon to catch a little lunch. I decided to have some fish and chips which were very good fresh and crunchy. The La Cerveza Union is a fun sort of rock and roll style out door seating restaurant making the meal even more enjoyable. There’s something about eating fresh catch of the day fish and chips with the warm ocean breeze on your face. Not to mention the ice cold Pacifico I ordered to wash it all down with.  Caveat the restaurants in this area are priced on the higher side. But for a nice treat to enjoy the ambiance and a killer view it was worth it. PS these are obviously not the fish and chips I had but I forgot to take a picture so….

Shops along the way

After a long relaxing lunch I started heading back towards where I had parked this time I decided to stop in at some of the shops. My first stop was at a little tequila boutique the owners were extremely nice and of course offered up a small shot of tequila in hopes of selling a little something something to me. I didn’t buy any this time but I will say the little taster shot was pretty good. I stopped in at a few more little shops most of which had tourist trinkets and t-shirts. There are a couple art shops too which I enjoyed.

This was actually a great day even solo. No problem there’s so much to see and enjoy I couldn’t help but have a great time. I’ll definitely be back someday hopefully with my Jeff enjoying all with me but for now I’m headed back to home base.

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