Adventures in Acapulco

View from our room
View from our room


Acapulco is far from a sleepy beach town. It’s full of life bustling around you. There’s a ton of traffic and people from all walks of life. So if you’re looking to relax in some off the beaten track beach this is not the place. However if your looking to enjoy a fast paced fun high energy town you will really enjoy Acapulco. We had a great time here. Warning though there are a lot and I mean a lot of individual vendors selling everything from little toys to clothing and of course foods walking around on these beaches. They will try just about everything to get you to buy their product. Some even offer services from braiding hair, masages to fun water sports.


Our Hotel

We stayed at a newer remodeled Aparthotel called the Hotel Residencial Playa Hornos. It was directly across from the beach with great views of the ocean and beach. The evening breezes were great too. Our room was on the same floor as the pool which I of course absolutely loved. For me a nice warm pool is amazing so I spent a good amount of time floating and swimming in the pool. Especially in the evenings when most families were already back in their rooms for the night. The room was well done with relaxing comfortable beds and great air conditioning. There were large sliding doors leading out to small patio area that was sunken in just a little to separate it from the actual pool deck.


Tamarind Beach

The lovely Tamarind beach is where we spent most of our trip. With the beautiful Sierra madre del sur mountains surrounding the vast bay the water was warm and easy to swim. The beach sand was so soft and golden I loved playing with it running through my toes. We watched many fisherman coming in and out of the bay with their catches. We even watched some guys finding oysters. You can by some of the fresh catch along the side-walk of the beach. This beach has individual run portions so be prepared to pay for being there. We paid 100 peso’s a day to sit in the perfect location. We even had nice lounge chairs and umbrellas. The sunsets here were unbelievable we watched them every evening.


In this particular area of Acapulco there is not a ton of restaurants so our choices were somewhat limited. We did find a decent little place for breakfast but they don’t open very early so its best to maybe bring back a few croissants or something easy to reheat in the microwave for breakfast. For the most part we ate at the sister restaurant of the property we were staying at. The food was good and service was alright with fair to mid prices. Plus during the day they would bring food out to where we were sitting on the beach, now that’s service baby.

There is a lot of things to do in Acapulco but since we were only here for just a few days we didn’t really see a lot. Its was you know the place you stop at while your on the way to another. So we mostly stuck to the same stretch of beach. It was actually a nice reprieve from the hustle of traveling. We allowed our selves to  have the down time. We did a lot of eating, drinking and relaxing at the beach or in the pool. Jeff well he did a lot of sleeping, catching up after all that hard work in Alaska.

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