Part of Mazatlan’s Historic Centro


The Basilica de La Inmaculada Concepción of Mazatlan

I decided to take a day trip into Mazatlan’s Historic Centro or the big “C” as Jeff likes to call it. At one of Mazatlan’s most loved  catholic churches it is a place not to be missed. Originally the cathedral was begun by the order of Bishop Pedro Lorez starting in 1856. In 1899 priest Miguel Lacarra finished the work. The Basilica consecration took place on December 12, 1941. Giving the Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepción special ceremonie privileges given by the pope.


The entrance has three equal in height naves topped with an iron cross. With two grand towers also topped with crosses. The building is painted in a deep yellow with beige trimmings and tiled at the entrance. Surrounding the church are several different statues and gothic inspired lighting.



As you enter the building there is a neoclassical eclectic feel to the church.The domes on the ceilings are beautiful with white and grey tiles with gold medallions and trim. The large ornate trimming throughout the church is mesmerizing with a lovely details.

There are many larger than life statutes in all corners and lining the walls of the church. There are four rows of pews  three of leading to separate altars of worship. In two of them Christ is represented as King and in the remaining one the Indian Juan Diego is shown, showing to Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga the Ayate with the miraculous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe . On the main altar there is in white marble a beautiful sculptural representation of The Last Supper of Christ. I really liked the crystal light catching chandeliers on the domes.

Plaza de la República

After enjoying the quiet splendor of Basilica de La Inmaculada I decided to head outside to get a refreshment at the small beautiful tropical park that is just across the street. Plaza de la Republica It was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the shade. I get myself a mango ice and wandered around the quaint park for a bit. I watched as some of the visitors were feeding the pigeons with amusement. Mostly because when the pigeons sat in one of their hands she was so excited. In the middle of the park is a large wrought iron gazebo that was pretty and is where many venues and events take place. But today was mostly families doing the same as I was.

While I was sitting there I got a visitor a medium-sized iguana who decided to head from the gazebo to the small piece of grass behind me. I observed for a little bit while he ate some freshly fallen mango. He was actually pretty chill he paid me no attention while he had his snack.

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