50 Tips and tricks of travel packing with my KISS packing “Keep it super simple” System

50 Tips and tricks of travel packing with my KISS packing “Keep it super simple” System


We’ve all seen them. Traveler’s with so many suitcases you can’t help but wonder if they left anything at home in their closets… The cumbersome suitcases causing more issues than necessary and adding to the stress of travel not to mention cost. I have found that keeping everything down to one backpack or carry on sized wheeled suitcase is so much easier and stress free.

I use a Osprey Fairview with a zip off day pack. www.osprey.com/mx/en/product/fairview-55-FAIRVEW55_706.html I love this pack it’s so versatile it has the padded waist stabilizer and adjustable strapping making it easier for most women to use. It has full zip open and strapping inside for easy access. And if you separate the day pack from the main pack it is carry on sized. And you a personal item to keep everything accessible you might need on your flight or ride to your destination.



3173 IN3 / 52 L 22.8H X 13.0W X 11.8D IN. 3.8 LBS.


  1. Use an empty tic tac container to keep all hair pins in.
  2. Use a carabiner to keep hair ties together. Plus these can come in handy for attaching things to your pack or hanging a line.1200px-Assorted_Biners
  3. Keep a small stash of emergency money in an empty chapstick case or pen tube. I usually stash a 20$ if you fold it in half and roll tightly then remove the top of pen you can slide it in around the pen. If you twist the chapstick all the way out can can slide it in. Bonus if you cut the top off the chapstick so it still is a usable amount then place it back into the tube no one will ever know there is money in it.
  4. Put a couple of dryer sheets in your bag to keep everything fresh
  5. Keep all cords together I use either a Ziplock bag or an empty eye-glass holder. Try using the bread ties or hair ties to keep them tangle free.
  6. Keep shoes in plastic grocery bag this way you wont risk getting any dirt on your things.
  7. Roll clothing instead of folding it will take up less space this way and stay wrinkle free.
  8. Use packing cubes or extra-large Ziplock bags especially when using a back pack it makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for and you won’t have to unpack your entire pack.  1323_blue_sea_l
  9. One versatile scarf will go a long way. You can use it as an accessory, to sit on, cover up with and much more.
  10. Bring a large sarong you can use it for laying on the beach, drying off, covering up and keeping warm.
  11. Keep a large garbage bag in your pack incase you need to cover your pack or small suitcase. This is great to keep everything dry in the rain.
  12. Take OTC meds and vitamins out of bottles and keep them in one small ziplock bag it will take up less room this way and you’ll easily be able to see what you need.
  13. Use a large daily medication keeper for jewelry then pack in a shoe. I always use the space inside my shoes for small items like jewelry or medications. I typically try not to travel with much jewelry especially expensive items it just draws unwanted attention and you risk it getting stolen.
  14. Thread and needle I use a small old medication container to keep them together. This will come in handy for those little repairs, loose buttons and more.
  15. If your planning on staying in a hostel dorm room bring some earplugs and eye mask. Trust me you’ll be grateful you have them.
  16. Universal adapter it will be much easier to have just the one rather than many of them. Only if traveling internationally. You wont need this in Mexico or any of the Americas they have the same plugs as the USA.
  17. Small multi plug surge protector. This will be needed for one trying to find plugins can be a challenge and once found they always seem to be in an odd place.
  18. Travel size kleenex. Always needed especially in Latin countries many times there’s no toilet paper or you have to pay 5 pesos to get maybe 5 squares.
  19. Cottonelle flushable wipes. Again the whole toilet paper issue and because during long travels it’s nice to have an easy way to freshen up or clean your hands off with. Trust me being able to freshen up regardless of where you are will make a huge difference in attitude and comfort. I’ve experienced this first hand.
  20. Keep your wardrobe small. Let’s be honest half of what most of us pack we never use.
  21. 1 pair of jeans. Be sure to bring your favorite pair!!! And 1 pair of yoga or stretch pants.
  22. 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of capris I like to bring colors that will match anything.
  23. 5 pairs of underwear 1 sexy bra and 1 sports bra Cotton in my book is best it keeps you cooler and they dry faster.
  24. 3 tank tops. Lightweight and comfortable.
  25. 4 shirts. A couple t-shirts and a couple of dresser styles
  26. 2 pairs of socks.
  27. 1 pair of sneakers. I take my New balance trail hikers they look good with jeans, shorts and work well when hiking or going on long tours.I usually wear these on the plane so they don’t take up space in my pack or add weight.
  28. 1 pair of everyday use sandals I usually take my Chacos their super comfy and durable. They also look great with everything https://www.chacos.com/US/en/z-cloud-2\  
  29. 1 pair of nice sandals. For me these are slips or what some call flip-flops. Keep them simple so they’ll go with everything including a dress.
  30. 2 versatile dresses. Try the multi look wrap styles there fun to play around with and typically not easy to wrinkle. One like this one will keep you stylish.f42de7bc7da2e03c8ad4b21aa5e1562a
  31. 1-2 lightweight jacket or sweater. I take a black cotton up and my waterproof north face venture 2 jacket it rolls up really small and it’s super comfy.https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/womens-venture-2-jacket.
  32. 1 bathing suit.
  33. 1 micro fiber towel. Try this one its fast drying and lightweight http://www.rainleafonline.com/product/Microfiber-Hand-Towel-Gre-24.html.  Rain leaf towel
  34. Keep in mind if you’re traveling for a longer span than a week there are many laundry places some hotels and hostels even have this service available. So really 21 thru 33 is all you’ll need. You might want to have a contingency amount to buy something you find out you need. Just $100 should be more than enough.
  35. Make up. I keep mine too just the essentials foundation, brow pencil, waterproof mascara, multi eye and contour compact, and a small pencil sharpener. This should all fit in a small ziplock bag. Mine actually fits in a snack size ziplock bag.
  36. Headphones. These will be essential when staying in a hostel, and when they’re sound isolating there great for that long flight or ride. I always bring my Shure S215 bluetooth pair. The quality is amazing and I can use them for hands free talking with friends and family there a little pricey but definitely worth it.  http://www.shure.com/americas/products/earphones/se-earphones/se215-sound-isolating-earphones-hear-it-all
  37. Colored Photocopies of all documents. This includes your passport and driver’s license. I also keep a photo of them in my phone just in case since I don’t like to carry my passport around with me.
  38. I don’t usually bring shampoo, conditioner, soaps etc… There so cheap to buy and then there’s no worries about TSA or them exploding.
  39. A few extra ziplock bags. These always come in handy for soap, change and so on.
  40. Laptop. For me this is a necessary evil I need it for work plus it’s nice to watch an occasional movie on.
  41. E reader or Kindle there much lighter than an actual book and take up less space. Plus you can download as many books as you want and it wont change the weight of your bag. I use my kindle for all my reading.
  42. An unlocked cell phone. It’s way cheaper to buy a sim card then to use an out of country plan with any cell service. Trust me I tried this and the cost was out of control.
  43. Small notepad and a pen.
  44. Small change purse with plenty of small amounts this is better for haggling and you don’t have to risk pulling out a large sum of money. It just makes you a target.coin purse
  45. I don’t bring a purse with me. I keep most everything I need in my day pack. This way I don’t worry about anyone grabbing it from me as much and Jeff can keep things in it encase he needs it. Plus you should keep a sarong, scarf and small items with you. You never know what the weather changes can be.
  46. Pad lock this will come in handy if you stay in as hostel and you can use it to lock up portions of your pack or suitcase.padlock
  47. If  you decided you really want to take your favorite hat then be sure to pack some clothing inside of it so it wont crush down.
  48. I also suggest downloading a few apps. My favorites are Google translate perfect for when your stuck trying to remember a word or you simple just don’t know it. Airbnb their app makes it super simple to book. Uber we use this app for all our local travel needs the app is simple to use and you can pay in one click so you never have to worry about pulling out money.  Duolingo great if your still learning the language. Expedia for that quick hotel booking or flight booking needed. EX exchange app I use this a lot since I exchange from US to MX Peso all the time it helps me keep a better idea of what I’m spending. Hostelworld perfect for when you need to book a bed on the fly.
  49. Dirty laundry bag you can either use a x large 2 gallon Ziploc bag or you can try out the Aloksak bag.Either will help keep your dirty things separate and keep the smell away from the clean clothes.
  50. Last but not least a good attitude. In only extremely unlikely events does traveling go as planned. Flights get delayed, cabs get lost, you get lost or even might run late. Whatever it is that may come up keeping a good attitude will save your sanity. Never lose your patience with the travel counter it will only make things worse besides It most likely is not their fault.

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