Isla de las Piedras Mazatlan

entering stone island

Stone Island (Isla de las Piedras) Mazatlán

I had never heard of Isla de las Piedras until recently. I wanted desperately to find a beautiful out of the way quiet place I could surprise My love Jeff since he was coming home soon yeah!!!. I started looking for a place that would fit these parameters around Mazatlan since that was where we were headed once he arrived in San Pancho. After several days of searching I found Isla de las Piedras. Me being me I of course had to research everything I could to be sure it was the ideal place for us. Jeff works extremely hard when he’s in Alaska I wanted to be positive he could completely relax and unplug before we started making life changing decisions. Like, did we want to live in Mazatlan. From what I read this was definitely the place.


Stone Island is a half mile from Mazatlan’s docking area by water. It’s actually a peninsula, not an island, so you could drive to it if you wanted. To get there driving its 43.3 km which should take around 45 minutes from Centro. There are tours of the island offered but we opted to go over and explore our selves.

Getting there was easy peasy we took an Uber to Playa Sur Embarcadero. The lancha cost us less than $2.00 US each person for a round trip ticket and found that they depart approximately every twenty minutes. The lanchas operate from 7 am till 7 pm daily. At this point in the trip Jeff still had no idea where we were going. It was fun keeping it from him, but a challenge as he’s my best friend I share everything with him. I did a great deal of tongue biting to keep it in.

When we arrived at the port on the Island, there were several Aurigas lined up waiting for new visitors. An aurigas also known as a collectivo is a pick up truck that has been converted into a open air taxi, typically there will be shade cover over the bed of the truck and bench seating on both sides. There very affordable. I think we paid only 40 pesos when we took one. Us being us though we of course thought we would just walk to the place I had rented. Probably not the most sensible choice. It was quite a ways to the property oops. When I was told by the property owner, it was just 700 meters or so away that didn’t sound so far, but after looking up how far that was I was surprised to find out that it’s about half a mile. Plus of course we were carrying our backpacks and it was in the hottest part of the day. Like I said oops.

Why you should go

There are several nice hotels on the Island, but I rented a very cute and cozy beachfront studio property for a very reasonable price through Airbnb. The owner of the property was amazingly nice and extremely helpful. Especially when we were convinced that perhaps we were lost or going the wrong way. Her sister owns and operates a open-air palapa restaurant Chivas right off the side of the property. The food is great, the beer is ice cold, and the employees are exceptionally friendly. We actually met the owner and her husband while we were there he’s an American expat and knew tons of information about Mazatlan and the island. I unreservedly recommend taking the time to grab some lunch at Chivas.There are many restaurants to go to on the island during the day. But we were so happy with Chivas we ate there most of the time. Besides I really wanted to allow Jeff to just relax and decompress, so we didn’t explore to much. Although there was really no reason to the beach was right at our door. There was food, beer and in evening we were basically alone there. It was wonderfully romantic and calming. We spent our three-night stay stay sitting outside in the evenings watching the stars, talking and listening to the waves crash on the shore. There is plenty of hiking around the island if that is what your looking to do plus lots of water sports and good fishing.

Local hang out watching the races


The full timers that live on the island were all genuinely friendly and accommodating. When we had decided to take an evening stroll to maybe find a different restaurant for dinner, we quickly learned that the closest place was over a mile away and of course was closed when we got there around 7 pm. Fortunately, there was a very nice gentleman we met that owns a little sushi place just up the road from the main area. He called us collectivo to get us back to the Chivas property. Good thing too, because I was already struggling to continue walking.

The beach

The beach shores were great for swimming the water was calm and warm we both enjoyed hanging out in the water a lot. There were a few families that came during the day and spent their entire time playing in the water. You could walk out about 100 yards before it was too deep to walk. During high tide the water came all the way up to the edge of the restaurant. 

“The legend says that the stake must not be removed” 

Legend of Isla de las Piedras

The legend of the island says there was a battle in Mazatlan between Portuguese and Indians fighting over Stone island; what remained of that war was a steel stake that measures around 3 meters. This stake is still buried in a hill on the island. The legend says that the stake must not be removed, because the god of the hill will get angry and destroy the island. Also, legend says that in the large stones on the island there is the soul of those who tried moving the stake.

A few things to be aware of

Please note that most of the taxis stop running once the lanchas stop running. We learned this the hard way.

Please be sure to bring money with you most places don’t take debit or credit and there are no ATMs on the Island.

Also if you’re, an avid wine connoisseur such as myself be sure to bring it with you we couldn’t find any place that sold it on the island.

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