Cinco de Mayo in Mazatlan, Mexico

Cinco de Mayo in Mazatlan isn’t celebrated in any way close to the way many us celebrate it in the USA. Yes it’s considered a holiday here, but not a big one at least not here in Mazatlan and no it’s not Mexico’s Independence day . Dia de la Independencia is actually September 16th it celebrates Mexico’s independence from the rule of Spain in 1810. Cinco de Mayo is actually a celebration of the Battle of Puebla. When Puebla Mexico fought against France in 1862 under the  leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. It didn’t change much however since France actually ended up occupying it for a few years after that.  The day here was a little busier than usual  but mostly like any Saturday on the malecon in Mazatlan.


As you can see from the street behind Jeff that it really isn’t that busy. Of course keep in mind that it is off-season here. We did end up running into some more street traffic as we walked along the malecon but it was mostly many locals enjoying snacks from local food trucks. (Don’t worry we’ll be visiting those soon!) And enjoying the beautiful sunset. There were a significant amount of barco’s (boats) out on the water tonight some fishing others just watching the evening. Be sure to check out the short video of this at the bottom of this blog.


We decided to go in search of food. The first place we stopped in at (Sushi XO) was recommended on the internet as a good sushi place. First of this is not a real sushi place or at least not what I would consider sushi the menu was very small and had unusual offerings of re-imagined “sushi”. Some of the dishes were “Philadelphia roll” and “California roll frito” which means fried. Word of advise if it just doesn’t look right to you it probably isn’t. We decided to move on and find another place to have cena (dinner).

It was actually a decent walk to the next place maybe 20 minutes up a few small hill’s to the next restaurants. The cool thing along the walk was some of the places we happened along. There are tall structures with stairs leading to nothing but a small platform. On top of some of them were people hanging out and watching the sky changing. On one we saw some guy with a fire stick standing there in some sort of offering?

Next we ran across a very cool fountain it had lights coming from underneath and streams of water the fell over large dolphins and what looked to me to be Poseidon or Neptune statues maybe? Riding on a shell.


Finally we found a restaurant that looked good and it was the first one we saw. We were both getting a little on the “hangery” side by now. Barracuda’s in the Olas Altas  area. It was, for lack of a better word ordinary the place was a little to “Americanized” and the food edible but not by any means interesting or exciting. The view was however nice and the breeze coming from the ocean was great especially because we were both pretty hot after walking for quiet a long way. The beer was very cold and the shots of Don Julio were also served cold both of which I loved. The calamari we had for an appetizer was good  but In my opinion basic. The main courses we order were much the same dull lack luster edible food. I will say though that the service is really good our waiter was extremely attentive and friendly.


After our meal we ordered a Uber which is how we typically get around here it’s very convenient and inexpensive. We both like their service it’s nice to just give them the location of where you want to go and hit the button to pay and that’s that. That was not the case this time however. The drive showed up as usually with in the time that was given via the Uber app, we got in the car exchanged hello’s and off we went. Almost immediately getting lost. Fortunately with a little work and checking on google maps I was able to figure out where we were and ended up giving the driver directions. This is a prime example why it’s good to know at least some basic Spanish before visiting Mexico.  Right turn is derecho and Left turn is izquierda. Finally when we arrived home we both laughed about our little adventure.

Pretty much everyday here is beautiful the weather is nice. Most of the people are very friendly. Here in Mazatlan especially a great deal of the people speak english but not all. However as in everyday life anywhere things happen, so when ever traveling or just living for that matter we should expect small unexpected things to happen. Not the restaurant we thought it would be. The driver gets lost. The food was boring. For us I think knowing that each day is a new one and its own adventure is how our minds work ,so we just try to go with the flow. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find the best restaurant ever so far or maybe find a new beach unknown to us what ever it is it’s an adventure.



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