Isla de las Piedras Mazatlan

I had never heard of Isla de las Piedras until recently. I wanted desperately to find a beautiful out of the way quiet place I could surprise My love Jeff since he was coming home soon yeah!!!. I started looking for a place that would fit these parameters around Mazatlan since that was where we were headed once he arrived in San Pancho. After several days of searching I found Isla de las Piedras. Me being me I of course had to research everything I could to be sure it was the ideal place for us. Jeff works extremely hard when he’s in Alaska I wanted to be positive he could completely relax and unplug before we started making life changing decisions. Like did we want to live in Mazatlan. From what I read this was definitely the place.

Finding a home in Mazatlan

Those that know me even a little know that the last year or more I’ve been traveling with no home base to work from. I implemented this purposely I sold most of my creature comforts and baggage that was hindering me from experiences. I explain my reasons for this in about the author. Jeff and I struggled to decide if we wanted to have a home base at all. Or if we would rather just travel with having the minimal necessities rather than having to worry about maintaining an true home. As our life and love grew we came to the realization that finding a home base was something we both needed.