Mazatlan Here we come !

Yes we’re moving to Mazatlan! Jeff and I decided on Mazatlan for a lot of reasons but this particular trip is to find a home base for our lives. While we of course love to travel as a couple we decided it would be much easier to find a good local to travel in and out of. We chose Mazatlan because of its accessibility, size, and benefits for us. We were both excited to check out our new designation unfortunately I had woken up with a stomach issues. Thank goodness I had some Treda a fantastic OTC medication for any tummy problems that may arise. I keep some with me at all times. I’m not blessed with an iron stomach, my tummy has a tendency to be finicky as I have a few autoimmune health problems.


As you can see we took the bus. We took the bus for several reasons, 1 the expense, 2 and most important there is no extra fee’s for baggage. Which we definitely had a few of three suitcases, two large backpacks and two small day packs to be exact. Our entire lives are in these bags everything from pictures, cookware to electronics. We took the TAP bus line from Mezcales MX rather than from Puerto Vallarta. Since we would of had to transfer when it reached Mezcales anyway. Mezcales is in the Bahia de Banderas municipal in the state of Nayarit. The same as San Pancho it was a quick 25-30 minute cab ride to the bus station there. It cost us 600 Peso’s or approximately 32.00 US . Mezcales is a medium size city with around 20,000 residents. The bus station was very small a little hole in the wall but it the nice thing was there wasn’t a line. Our tickets were very affordable two passengers for 1,333.00 Peso’s or approximately 70.00 US. The TAP bus was comfortable with reclining seats, bathrooms, built-in small t.v.. With movies, music and games. Of course it’s all in Spanish, but if you’re trying to build on your language skills this could be a good time to focus on tuning your ear to the Spanish dialect. Honestly I slept most of the time since I wasn’t feeling my best the trip took around 6 1/2-7 hours.

We arrived in Mazatlan a little tired but excited about our new adventure. We were a day early for our check into our airbnb property so we had decided to stay in a hotel for one night. Plus it was already 8 pm. We found a decent room at the Venados Inn it was alright for the price and it had a nice view from the walkway in front of our room.
The next day we got up and moved all the bags down the 3 flights of stairs. Loaded everything into the back of a collectivo (open air truck taxi) .
We arrived at the rental and unfortunately there was no one to greet us… I’ve stayed in several airbnb properties and this has never happened. We waited for a very long time and even though we were communicating with the property owner. It was becoming very frustrating. The person who was supposed to let us in still hadn’t arrived. After waiting for nearly 3 hours we ended up having to cancel. The owner was nice enough to refunded us the entire amount.
The very helpful staff at airbnb assisted us in securing a new place to stay. We had to wait for the new property to be cleaned so we decided to get some lunch.
With all our bags in tow we went to a great restaurant and had a fantastic seafood grill meal. There was even some live mariachi music and an awesome view. The Airbnb representative stayed in contact with us through out the entire time, Until we checked into our new accommodations. They even offered to pay up to 30$ of the meal for us. When we misplaced the receipt they sent us a coupon for 50.00$ off our next reservation. We were very pleased with they’re service.

Finally after all the commotion of the day we arrived at our the new property! It was a very nice two bedroom, full kitchen with a view of the ocean. We were very pleased our host was very nice and understanding of the rush to get in. We watched the beautiful sunset and made a tasty meal for dinner together.


The lesson I’d say is that when traveling remember not everything always goes to plan but if you stay calm and open to the adventure it will all turn out alright. We actually had an even nicer place to stay and rented it for the month to insure we wouldn’t have to rush as we looked for a permanent home. Thank you for joining in on our new adventure and keep watching for next post to come. Finding a home in Mexico.

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  1. So nice to read you! I imagine you enjoy it there! Un saludo y abrazo

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      Thank you so much for reading it.

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