Mazatlan Here we come !

Yes we’re moving to Mazatlan! Jeff and I decided on Mazatlan for a lot of reasons but this particular trip is to find a home base for our lives. While we of course love to travel as a couple we decided it would be much easier to find a good local to travel in and out of. We chose Mazatlan because of its accessibility, size, and benefits for us. We were both excited to check out our new designation unfortunately I had woken up with a stomach issues. Thank goodness I had some Treda a fantastic OTC medication for any tummy problems that may arise. I keep some with me at all times. I’m not blessed with an iron stomach, my tummy has a tendency to be finicky as I have a few autoimmune health problems.

Semana Santa and Pescua

What is Semana Santa and Pescua you might be asking. Semana Santa is Holy week starting on Palm Sunday it continues with Holy Thursday and Friday, as well as the Sabbath of Glory and concludes on Easter Sunday. Pescua is Easter week starting on Easter Sunday and ending on the following Saturday. Mexico has the second largest Catholic community in the world.  Mexico’s population of approximately 126,000,000 has about 101,800,000  residents who identify at Catholic which is just about 83%.