Mercado San Pancho



Hello everyone and welcome to Mercado San Pancho join me in this fun adventure of the outdoor artisan market here in San Pancho. Every Tuesday many of San Pancho locals and visitors venture to hang out here.  It’s located in the Plaza Del Sol just off Tercer Mundo Ave a right turn up Mexico or Cuba will take us to the plaza.

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This will be fun, there are lots of beautiful handmade jewelry and many other artisan wears. These beautiful colorful blankets, table clothes and runners are so fun, a great way to bring home with you a touch of Mexico.




These handmade baskets and masks are simply amazing. Each one has its own characteristic with a variety of colors and patterns.   I stood and watched for a while the lady making them she’s obviously has been doing this craft for a long time. She makes its seem almost effortless.


The small three-piece band is pretty good and creating a nice atmosphere for shopping and eating. Many people sit along the concrete benches to enjoy the music and eat their newly acquired food.


The beaded jewelry and other beaded items are very popular among locals and visitors. Both men and women wear these stunning pieces called Huichol. Huichol art broadly groups the most traditional and most recent innovations in the folk art/Crafts  produced by the Huichol people, who live in the states of Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas and Nayarit in Mexico.



Strings of Chiapas Pom-pom’s historically from Chiappas Mountains and is an Inca tradition for ceremonies and worn on hats, in hair and other items. Inspiring artisans create the beautiful pom-pom wears.
Let’s try some of the food’s and drink’s (comer y bebida}available here. All are made by local restaurants and artisans. There is plenty of fresh vegetables and handmade soaps, incense etc..



The artisan hand-made incense smells fantastic. I think I’ll buy some of the lavender sent.


These handmade green tortillas usually made with cactus leaves and maze are filled with veggies and queso delicious. I had them with some fresh juice (juego) perfect for a mid day snack.


We’re going to eat up here in the gazebos it looks over much of the market (Mercado) so we can do a little people watching while enjoying the music from the band.



That was good fun I think. There are so many crafters’ and artisan items that you’ll have to make a visit here next time you’re in San Pancho. I’ve enjoyed this afternoon with you and look forward to our next adventure. As always if you have any questions or constructive input please feel free to send me a comment. Thank you for coming along with me I’ll see you again soon.

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