Sunday in San Pancho

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So I know you must be wondering what is there to do in a small paradise town like San Pancho on a Sunday?

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Well I can’t honestly say I know what everyone does but I can tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to the beach (playa) to hang out at one of my favorite restaurants and relax under an umbrella. It’s actually not packed yet but it will get busier that’s why we’ve come down at 11:00 a.m. in hopes of ensuring a good place for us to sit close to the ocean. Join me on this new adventure Sunday in San Pancho.

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Here we are at La Perla It sits pretty much in the middle section of the playa just passed the small plaza with the unique vendors. Most of the vendors sell hand-made beaded jewelry and other trinkets. Tip try to haggle a little many times they will work a little on the price. Well the place I was hoping to sit has already been taken but I spotted another one. Yes nice spot on the playa I can still see the waves come in and there’s not to many other visitors obstructing the view. I order a mineral water to start out with I’m not really hungry yet but don’t want to lose my place on the playa.

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There are vendors who rent umbrella’s, chairs and tables if you would rather not eat at one of the restaurants or maybe want to have a picnic. I think they rent for 150 pesos for the umbrella and the chairs and tables are 50 pesos each for the day. So one umbrella, 2 chairs, 1 table would run you 250 peso which at the current exchange rate is around $13.00 US.

hard working renting umbrellas
There are small vendors that will walk around the playa selling their wares. Fortunately they’re not overwhelming compared to huge tourist areas like say Acapulco there is a lot of them on the playa there, but we’ll get to Acapulco later. Most of them are very friendly selling anything from blankets, jewelry, food, artwork etc… Also some speak a little english but it is best to know or at least have an idea of what the money amounts are. I break it down simply in my head like this, each 100 peso’s is around $5 to $5.50 depending on the exchange rate so in these terms it’s easier for me to keep in mind better when a vendor is asking 200 peso’s lets say for a pair of earrings it’s around $11.00 US. Many times I politely say no gracias however today I’m actually looking to buy a light weight blanket or fabric for sitting on the playa with and a pair of earrings. I seemed to of misplaced the ones I wear most the time.

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For now I’m thinking I want to be in the moment, just watch the waves for a while, enjoy watching the children and the dogs having fun. About the dogs, there are a lot of them that roam around all of which seem to be very friendly and all seem to have homes. San Pancho is a big dog town many people have them here and many of them allow them to walk around free. In fact there really isn’t a homeless pet problem here. All of them dogs and cats alike are well fed and well socialized. Most of us locals feed them owned or not. There really part of the community.


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It’s about 1 p.m. now and I see the lady who sells the beach fabric’s I waved her over. The first few she shows me I don’t really like there boring to me I like color and something more unique. I chose one that is perfect for me. She ask’s for 300 peso I bargain down to 200 peso’s. Later I see an artist that makes his own unique earrings out of heavy wire and beads. I chose a pair that he want’s 150 peso for I bargin him down to 100 peso’s. I like them not to big but not to small.

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The food here at La Perla is mostly fresh seafood offering Snapper, shrimp, hamburgers and such. The shrimp quesadilla’s are one of my favorites. Today we’re going to try the Cameron al coco, Deep fried shrimp coated in tempura and coconut shreds. The food here is prepared well so these should be pretty tasty. I also order a michelada con clamato y Pacifico which is a mixture of clamato juice with seasonings and  worchestershirer  with a Pacifico beer you can have any of the beers they offer here but I like Pacifico. As expected the shrimp are great.

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It’s getting to be around 5 P.M. now that seems to be when a lot of the surfers show up and I’m enjoying watching them. I ask the waiter for my La cuenta (the check), my entire meal, a few micheladas, a mineral water and a day at the beach cost 285 pesos, so about $15.00 US.

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I think I’ll take we’ll go on a walk down the beach it’s getting close to the sun starting to set and I need to walk off some of these calories.

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Thank you so much for coming along with me. I’m excited to get ready our next adventure we’ll talk again soon.

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