Valentines day in San Pancho

Hello I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day (Día de San Valentín). Here in San Pancho it was a beautiful day full of love (amor).


Let me share with you a little about San Pancho, it is a small quaint fishing village with an energy that is tranquilo, peaceful with a spirit of love and pride. The locals are very friendly and always happy to help when they can. There are many Artisan businesses and small shops along the main strip Tercer Mundo Ave. which is about 1/2 mile long and will lead you to the beautiful beach, (yes I will be sharing these places with you as we go along).  The beach is amazing wide and long with a soft breeze. Dotted with several thatched roof restaurants most serving freshly caught seafood. San Pancho is one of the cleanest beach towns I’ve seen, Recycling is very prevalent here you’ll find trash cans and recycling containers up and down the streets.  I will delve deeper into San Pancho over the next couple of weeks.

For Valentines day we’re going to a fantastic restaurant Mexotik setting in a cozy second floor thatched roof local close to the entrance of San Pancho along Tercer Mundo. The International food mexicanized creative cuisine is a fresh unique flavor nothing short of fabulous. Daniel Alex Quiroz Murillo is the chef and owner of Mexotik along with his wife Caroline. Chef Daniel has been a chef for over 20 years and loves San Pancho and of course the beach and loves to surf! All his dishes are prepared with fresh local product and it shows in flavor and design. Some of my favorite dishes are the Envoltine, goat cheese wrapped in thin egg plant, Mahi Mahi coated in cocoa and seared to perfection,   just thinking of it makes my mouth water.   The employees are genuinely nice and happy to have you with them. There are many specialty drinks to chose from, all with a twist of imagination. Chef Daniel also does masterpiece cooking in your home serving up your favorite dishes from his menu. All while you relax and take the night off from cooking and driving.  Imagine no DD needed and no worries about what to make.

For Valentines day Chef Daniel whipped up some slow roasted pork tenderloin, hand made raviolis, bacon wrapped goat cheese with pistachio’s, beet root/leek soup gently fashioned into a yin yang sign in the bowl, beautiful tossed greens in a ginger dressing and for desert artisan rose ice-cream over a red velvet beet cupcake dressed with chocolate/chili liqueur hand made candy.  All of which was absolutely exactly as you’d expect from this talented chef an explosion of flavors and delicious.

When you visit San Pancho or near by areas of Rivera Nayarit, Mexotik is definitely  worthy of eating a meal or three here. If you liked to learn more about Mexotik check out his facebook page @ Mexotik.



 Photo by

Edgar Covarrubias,

sunset tabels.jpg


Please feel free to leave comments or any questions you may have. Thank you for joining us on this first adventure please be sure to continue following us as we delve deeper into live in San Pancho.

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