Hello, nice to see you here. This first blog is a quick overview regarding what exactly Travel Love is all about. Its actually quiet simple… travel throughout Mexico and some of Central America sharing with you the real adventure and different cultures. Featuring amazing locals and their businesses, quick interviews, fantastic places to visit most of which will be off the beaten path. Along with some fun. We will provide helpful travel tips, tricks, easy language tips, and of course many pictures.

As you will soon learn, I like to visit places more long term allowing you and I to fully submerse into the real life here. This is not to say you can not only visit for a week here, but following this blog you maybe able to decided on the perfect place for you next vacation.

We will be starting our journey in San Pancho, Nayarit Mexico (aka San Francisco) fittingly for Travel love we will be going live with our first adventure on Valentines Day.

As I am new to blogging I would love any feed back, comments, interest and suggestions.

So please join us Kai that’s me and the love of my life Jeff as we journey through Mexico and Central America.


Coming soon YouTube link to watch fun videos of our adventures here.


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  1. Suerte con tu viaje! Goodluck with your journey. Tu maestro de español! Your Spanish teacher!

  2. Suerte con tu viaje. Tu maestro de español ~ Goodluck with your journey. From your spanish teacher

  3. Thank you be sure to check the newest update

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